Hello to everybody, I am back

I have not posted anything for over a year. and… today I was looking at very old negs and I found this one. This photo was taken around the same time I started keeping this blog. So, here it is.Untitled 3 copy¬†Pict: Market holder at Westmoreland Market, London


South Africa: STILL FIGURING OUT what it is to be a man

This is a teaser for my new photographic project in collaboration with an English Writer Antonia P.
We interviewed and photographed 6 young men from different
backgrounds and races about being a man, looking at frustration and joy, their
relationship with love and women; their thought about Colonialism and
apartheid and how it related to their manhood identity. I took a series of portraits
and contextualizing shots with my Hasselbad.
what came out is an amazing and touching insight into these men’s lives.
What we would like to achieve is a positive reportage and a multimedia
exhibition to be hosted in South Africa and UK. Please, if you are interested in the reportage as a publication or exhibition, do not hesitate to contact me. giovannadel@gmail.com


One Morning in South Africa

One Morning in South Africa


Jessica, from ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’



Details from ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’

Details from 'The Guardians of Robin Hood'


Yvette, from ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’

Yvette from Guardians of Robin Hood


Kevin, from ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’



Detail, from ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’


Finally, I am starting again to take care of my blog.

Here is a taste of my latest project ‘The Guardians of Robin Hood’. It is a short term project I started about 3 weeks ago about Robin Hood Estate in East London.


Donna Walker

Donna Walker